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Intern with Opportunity

Volunteers and interns are an integral part of Opportunity International Australia and we are thankful for every person who donates their time, skills and expertise to support us and help people out of poverty.

Our volunteers and interns are a wonderful resource and we recognise that our work would not be possible without their assistance. Last year, Opportunity volunteers donated more than 10,521 hours of work – providing administrative support, organising fundraising activities, undertaking research, sharing skills and contributing to our various projects.

An Opportunity alumni group has been established for current and past volunteers/interns and staff. Opportunity alumni are invited to keep in touch by way of a six-monthly newsletter, updating them on current programs and Opportunity news. We hold volunteer and intern appreciation nights to honour our past and present volunteers and interns.

Why intern at Opportunity?

There are many great reasons you should intern at Opportunity, here are just a few:

- You’ll provide invaluable help and enable Opportunity to make a greater impact on the lives of people living in poverty
- You’ll receive valuable on-the-job training and gain an understanding as to how the ‘back office’ of a development organisation operates
- You’ll work alongside a great team and build your skills whilst assisting on interesting projects You’ll be using your skills and time to contribute to our goal of solving the problem of poverty
- You’ll be highlighting your initiative and commitment to future employers
- You can meet new and interesting like-minded people, from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Who can apply for an internship?

Opportunity welcomes volunteers and interns from all backgrounds, recognising the varied skills and abilities they bring with them. We recruit volunteers and interns based on their skills and interest in microfinance, poverty alleviation and development.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people living in poverty to transform their lives. Our vision is to see millions of people lifted out of poverty permanently. Opportunity is motivated by Jesus Christ’s call to love and serve the poor. We believe in the potential of people regardless of their gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation. Successful candidates will be aligned to our mission and our values and understand our motivation.

We are looking for individuals who are:

- Keen on tackling challenges head on
- Keen on working hard and learning a lot
- Genuine team players
- Independent and self-motivated
- Passionate achievers.

About the internship program

We recruit for our Internship program three times per year. Positions are based in our Sydney office and generally require a commitment of 3-5 days per week (dependent on the role) for 18-19 weeks. Applications open approximately 8 weeks prior to the start date. Available roles are advertised here on our website, through social networks and also on the ACFID website.

New interns have an induction training week, which incorporates a handover from the outgoing intern and a briefing from each department. We treat our volunteers and interns like regular staff members – interns are included in staff meetings and discussions, providing exposure to see how Opportunity functions as an organisation and how different departments interact with each other. Each month, interns informally meet with their manager to discuss what they are working on and what they’d like to be involved in to ensure they get the most out of their internship. Regular meetings and training sessions are scheduled to enable interns to expand their knowledge of microfinance and the not-for-profit industry. Prior to their departure, interns attend an exit interview to provide us with their valuable feedback to ensure that our intern program continues to bring mutual benefit.

Please note that overseas applicants to the intern program are required to have an appropriate visa that allows them to work and reside in Australia. Although interns are unpaid and they participate in the program on a voluntary basis, tourist visas are not sufficient. Overseas applicants should contact the Australian Department of Immigration for further information on visas as Opportunity is not able to offer immigration advice.

Opportunity International Australia is not able to provide interns with:

- Monetary allowances or remuneration
- Accommodation or accommodation allowances
- Travel allowances
- Assistance in organising visas.

Current and future vacancies 

Please note: we are only accepting applications for the positions currently open. All internships are based in Opportunity's Sydney office and are unpaid.

Internship program

Applications open

 Closing date

 Start date


2 June

27 June

28 July


2 June

27 June

28 July

Donor Services Reporting and Research

 2 June

27 June

28 July

Events and Insight Trips

2 June 27 June 28 July

Knowledge Management & Database

31 January



Programs and Investment Analyst

2 June

27 June

28 July

Strategic Services Data Analyst

18 March 

31 March

14 April

Please note: Opportunity International Australia works through locally based organisations in developing countries. This helps us better understand the needs of the poor and empowers local people to help their own communities. Therefore, in order to support local capacity building, we are not able to offer volunteer or internship positions outside of Australia and all intern positions are based in Opportunity's Sydney office.